Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Charm #19

I am a music lover (it's art, too) and I chose to base mine on guitar picks. I chose pink in honor of Breast Cancer month. I lost a good friend recently and have others who are in some stage of treatment or healing. I used old photos I got online to make my "rock stars". I am part Shawnee so the feather was there for something else that encompasses my total being. I love all the charms I received and enjoyed meeting the wonderful ladies who created such beautiful works of art.
Terri Ogburn


Once Upon a Cottage said...

Thanks for posting Terri! I loved your "thinking outside the box for this charm!"

Valerie said...

Hi Terri, I think we spoke at the tea. Did you mention a lady that has artist gatherings in her home? Any hoo Everyone in my family loves music and the guitar pick was a big hit! I LOVE IT! Valerie