Tuesday, May 15, 2007

#3 Carol Kimball

The silver charm with the dragonfly is made from Precious Metal Clay (PMC) I used a small dragonfly rubber stamp for the impression in the clay before it was fired in a kiln. I chose a dragonfly as it is one of the symbols for Artiscape.I don't have any websites or blogs. I am a PMC instructor as well as a calligrapher.


Valerie said...

Carol, thank you! I love my charm! I hope to take one of your precious metal classes next year. I am hoping one of you girls who make jewelry will sell charm bracelets next year (: I have a one of a kind bracelet that my husband had made for me but it is too beautiful to cover with charms (:

Once Upon a Cottage said...

Thanks for posting Carol! I love your PMC charm - I'll be looking for your class next year!