Wednesday, May 14, 2025

click on photo to enlarge and see detail


Rick said...

I like #20. It has a simple appeal to me.

funkyluke said...

fantastic, what a honor.. love your blog and thank you for the visit..peace laura

Jeanie said...

Hi, Joanne,

Thanks for stopping by my blog! Let's touch base before Artiscape and see what all we're taking. I suspect my friend Kate is taking jewelry. All on this site is lovely!

Anneke said...

what a beautiful pieces of artwork you have made.
i have enjoy it to see all these things.
you are an artist
thank you for visiting my blog

Talking Horses Arts said...

Love what I see..awesome. By the way, I like to work ahaed on schedule too but 2025...hmmm must be lightning for sharing, really love this.